"Sandie is one of the most caring and wonderful practitioners I know. Children she works with thrive in her care." Micha



"I would definitely recommend working with Sandie. I met her through a group for parents with children who have special needs, and Sandie definitely knows her stuff. With her own experience being a special needs parent, and all the training she has had through the school she worked in.
I’ve been to Sandie myself to ask for advice as my youngest child suffers with anxiety and Sandie gave us some ideas to help expel these episodes." Lian



"Sandie is the real deal. Her expertise has been forged through personal experience of being
dedicated to her own family's needs. Always willing to share her skills and knowledge, it is exciting that she is now willing to formally step out as an inspiration to others. With her openess to continually learn and grow as a specialist practitioner she will no doubt help and support many young people to fulfill their potential. Very highly recommended!" Helen