Hi and welcome to Miraculous Me.

I’m Sandie Woods, a children's emotional health and wellbeing practitioner based in Wymondham just outside Norwich.

My background is working with children in primary schools with social, emotional, mental health (SEMH) and special educational (SEN) needs. Here I have developed a vast catalog of skills (see my training list below) to help support children, young people and their families. I am a Norfolk County Council Domestic Abuse Champion and also a qualified Family Support Practitioner. I have much experience of children with various needs including PDA, GDD, ASD, PTSD and ADHD.


I run Miraculous Me which helps educate and support children (and their families) with emotional development, mental health and well being. I have an enhanced DBS, am safeguarding certified by the NSPCC and am fully insured.

I’m a SEN mum and it's all because of my miraculous kids that I’m so passionate about helping all children to thrive in life. I am a keen user of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), commonly known as tapping,  I am part of several mentorship schemes mentoring other ELSAs and SEN parents. In my spare time, I love to Power Hoop which is a bit like hula hooping but with a weighted hoop. 

Why Miraculous Me?

I chose the name Miraculous Me as I believe it's crucial that all children understand for themselves what a miracle they really are. How can we love each other if we don't first love ourselves?

The science behind our psychology and physiology is often missed from children's education and younger years and this can cause problems when developing the skills to navigate life. 

As for the butterfly symbol, this shows that life is a series of changes and we take time to grow into our true selves. Sometimes we might need a little bit of help with these developments and transitions and that is why Miraculous Me was created. 



  • I believe in connecting with children & their families.

  • I believe in giving children a safe space to be.

  • I believe in unconditional positive regard and validation.

  • I am passionate about supporting the children & families in my community to be their best selves.

Additional skills & training


+Norfolk Step On & Step Up (positive handling and de-escalation techniques)


+Family Support Practitioner 


+Norfolk County Council Domestic Abuse Champion

+Children & schools bereavement champion


+Self harm and suicide prevention


+First Aid

+Reading story books upside down


+Fantastic bubble blowing technique

+Supplying and eating an assortment of biscuits




How can I help you?



It is with heavy heart that I am sharing this news. As some of you will know, the last 6 months has been a rough ride. My passion is helping children and families and Miraculous Me is not the only vehicle I use to do so, which complicates things.

I have had a very busy start to the year and supported over 80 children in 2022 alone. The children I work with never fail to make me smile and my heart shine. They are what has kept me going this year however, I have had to re-evaluate my situation to preserve my own wellbeing and mental health.

With immediate effect, I will no longer be taking bookings of any sort as my journey is about to change. After eight years of working in schools, I will be packing my bags at the end of the summer term to join Norfolk county councils Educational Psychology and Specialist Support service as part of their SEMH advisory team.

It will be no easy task for me to put down what I have worked so hard on for two and a half years and in all honesty, I don’t know how things will fully look moving forward.

I intend to keep my resources store active and my FB page will remain although will not be regularly managed. The Club will also stay, purely because there is so much info in there that could help families. I hope that I am able to still help with occasional advice and signposting, so for now, my DM is open! All services will cease. Any families that have existing commitments with me will be honoured until programs are due to conclude so no one should be adversely inconvenienced by this. Any orders for tool kits will still be processed.

The only thing left to say is that you guys are amazing and I couldn’t have done everything I have in the last two and a half years without your support and encouragement so thank you.

 July 19 2022

I have now undertaken Norfolk County Council's Designated Safeguarding Lead training program which puts me in a better
position to keep your children and family safe and offer the best support and sign posting.

April 27 2022


I will shortly be in a position to run an online introduction to Emotion Coaching. This will lead on to a full short course. The course will be beneficial for parents/carers and education staff and will help you to understand the background of emotion coaching which is an approach that enriches relationships between adults and children and helps to develop emotionally healthy children.

April 23 2022


I'm so excited that I have lots of new services in the pipe line.

You can now look forward to....

Emotion Coaching

Story Massage and 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) commonly known as tapping.

Aren't you a lucky lot!

October 12 2021